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Morris (A) Tana Crepe - 65 cm piece

£15.50 p/m

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  • Tipo de tela: 100% cotton
  • Total de la medida del ancho: 136.00cm (53.45")
  • Peso de la tela: 81.00g/m² (96.88 oz/yd²)
  • Fabricado por: Liberty
This crafty crocodile fabric from Liberty's 2015 Alice in Wonderland inspired collection features hand-painted water colours that capture the jewel-like scaly skin of the reptile.

The bright, chalky colours are perfectly complemented by the texture of this fine crepe.

This listing is for a single piece measuring 65 cm.

Cuidado de ropa

  • Cuidado del lavado: 40° (104°F) Navado normal
  • Cuidado con lejia: no usar lejía
  • Secado en maquina: No secado en maquina
  • Cuidado del planchado: Media temperatura
  • Limpiado en seco: Sin restricciones